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To search for Unclaimed Property,
 visit or call (800) 833-7318

Connecticut Treasurer's Office Contacts

Title Name Phone
State Treasurer Shawn T. Wooden (860) 702-3010
Interim Deputy Treasurer Alex Marcellino (860) 702-3070
Assistant Treasurer -  Operations Alex Marcellino (860) 702-3005
General Counsel
John Rubén Flores (860) 702-3018
Chief Compliance Officer and Deputy General Counsel Barbara Housen (860) 702-3030
Communications Director Adam Brill (860) 702-3164
Division Name, Title Phone
Unclaimed Property
and Second Injury Fund
Maria M. Greenslade,
Assistant Deputy Treasurer
(860) 702-3125
Cash Management Gail Hallett,
Interim Assistant Treasurer
(860) 702-3109
Debt Management Sarah Sanders,
Assistant Treasurer
(860) 702-3288
Pension Funds Management Laurie Martin,
Chief Investment Officer
(860) 702-3195
Policy, Corporate Governance and Financial Education Christine Shaw,
Assistant Treasurer
(860) 702-3211

Mailing Address Office of the Treasurer
55 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106