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RFP for Emerging Markets Equity Investment Management Services

The Office of the State Treasurer, with a combined investment portfolio of approximately $34.5 billion and an Emerging Markets International Stock Fund of approximately $3.2 billion, as of April 30, requests proposals from qualified firms interested in providing Emerging Markets Equity Investment Management Services.  The deadline for submission is noon EDT on Monday, July 9 at the Office of the State Treasurer, 55 Elm Street, 6th Floor, Hartford, CT 06106, Attention: Michael A. MacDonald, Principal Investment Officer, Pension Funds Management.

To access fillable forms for the Legal and Policy Attachments, please go to: reporting.html.

  1. Does the hardcopy RFP response need to arrive by the July 9, 2018 noon EDT deadline?
    The hardcopy RFP response needs to be postmarked no later than July 9, 2018.

  2. Are original signed documents required?
    Original signed documents are required.

  3. Do the Compliance Legal and Policy Attachments need to be submitted with the email submission?
    Both the email submission and hard copy submission are required to include all attachments.

  4. How many hard copy responses are required?
    One complete hard copy submission is required.

  5. If a respondent is based outside the United States and precluded by home country laws from providing statistical data about the diversity of its workforce in the manner that the Office of the State Treasurer has indicated, would it be possible to consider accepting substitute reports or certifications that demonstrate the respondent's commitment to workplace diversity and inclusion?

  6. Is there a preference for quantitatively or fundamentally driven strategies?
    Both quantitative and fundamentally driven strategies will be considered.

  7. Can respondents submit multiple products that meet the minimum response criteria?
    Yes. Respondents may submit multiple responses under separate cover.

  8. Is there a preference for fixed or performance - based fee structures?
    Both fixed and performance based fee structures will be considered.

  9. What time periods should be reflected in the table in section F.28 describing the use of derivatives?
    The reporting time periods are 2Q17, 3Q17, 4Q17 and 1Q18.