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Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act

Achieving A Better Life Experience for Connecticut Residents


 The federal Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act became law in 2014.  It gives individuals with disabilities the opportunity to establish tax-deferred savings accounts to maintain their independence.

Connecticut Public Act 15-80 was passed in 2015 to implement the federal law.  Summary: PA 15-80 requires the state treasurer to (1) establish a federally qualified Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) program and (2) administer individual ABLE accounts.  The program must encourage and help eligible individuals and families save private funds to pay for qualifying expenses related to disability or blindness.  To run the program, the act establishes the Connecticut ABLE Trust to receive and hold funds intended for ABLE accounts. It generally exempts money in the trust and interest earnings on it from state and local taxation.  Under the act, funds invested in or distributed from an ABLE account must be disregarded when determining an individual's eligibility for assistance under federally funded assistance or benefit programs. The act also prohibits the state's public colleges and universities from considering funds invested in ABLE accounts when determing eligibility for need-based institutional aid.


Currently the Office of the Treasurer is working with an advisory committee on implementation for Connecticut families.

Annual Report of the ABLE Trust to the General Assembly's Committees on Finance, Revenue and Bonding and Public Health (December 30, 2016)

Report to the General Assembly's Committee on Banking concerning the feasibility of conversion of 529 college savings accounts to ABLE accounts and revisions and appropriations to enhance the ABLE program (December 30, 2016)


Students with disabilities often have a larger financial burden than those without. This is why scholarships for students with disabilities are so important. The extra boost in financial security can be the difference between attending college or not attending college. To that end, here is a handy data set meant to help people with disabilities find the help that can take them through graduation: College Accessibility for Students with Disabilities: Scholarships and Financial Aid




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